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Why Do Fruits Last Longer in Mason Jars

A Mason jar is a sort of glass jar that contains steel lids. These jars have many uses in daily life and make many tasks easy. Mason jars came into the market in 1858. They were designed by John Landis Mason and were named after the designer.

Later on, many companies started to copy the mason jar. Besides being the designer’s name, mason became a trademark for many companies, and they started manufacturing mason jars under their brand names. The Mason jar looks like a normal bell jar but has enhanced preserving properties.

History of Mason Jars in Preserving Food Items

Mason jars became extremely handy for storing different edible products in the early 20th century. Mason jars were more common in areas of seasonal cultivation because farmers utilized them for culturing, farming, and storing seeds.

These jars were also common in retail as vendors store food products to display at the counters. The transparency of mason jars made it easy for the customers to check the quality of the items without removing the packaging. Moreover, these jars were useful as a gift. Back then, most people used to gift food products, so mason jars added to the package’s beauty because they were stylish and secure.

World War II was the peak time for mason jars. Due to the extreme conditions, people began to hoard food items. Hence, mason jars proved to be highly beneficial for storing perishable and non-perishable edibles. They improved the shelf life of the food products. Moreover, the government began to deliver food to the soldiers in mason jars because of their preserving ability and tough structure.

Benefits of Mason Jars

Food Preservation

The main advantage of the mason jar is the food preservation characteristic discussed in detail in this article. Mason jars store food items for longer periods without causing any harm to the food or deteriorating the taste, texture, or color.


Apart from storing food items, mason jars are perfect for shaking drinks. This is because they contain steel or plastic lids that attach to the jar firmly, hindering the spilling. Therefore, you can also use mason jars to shake your protein shakes in gyms or juices at the party.


Manufacturing mason jars are not so expensive, which is why the end product’s price remains low. Moreover, mason jars are manufactured in abundance, and the cost goes down automatically by economies of scale.


Mason jars are not harmful to the environment because all their components are fully biodegradable and degenerate quickly if disposed of in the soil. Additionally, mason jars are super easy to recycle. This stops the wastage of resources and benefits the ecosystem.

Easy Availability

Considering the usefulness of mason jars in daily life, companies manufacture them in large quantities. Therefore, the demand for mason jars is met completely. Hence, you can find mason jars easily in any market at reasonable prices.

Mason Jars and Long Shelf Life of Fruits

There are multiple reasons why mason jars make fruits last longer. Some of them are given below,

Bleached Glass of Mason Jars

Glass has the property of not absorbing bleach, and bleach is an amazing disinfectant. This makes them extraordinarily unique and advantageous. When mason jars are manufactured, their glass is cleansed using bleach multiple times. Due to this, all the microbes get killed, and the jars become safe from all kinds of germs. When fruits are stored inside mason jars, they do not contact the infectious particles, which slow down the contamination process and last longer.

Full Coverage

Another amazing property of mason jars is their lids. The lids are now designed, but you must spin them to open the jar. Hence, you can reuse the same lids again and again. When the lid is on, all the outer environment contacts, such as air, dirt particles, or microorganisms, break down. Resultantly, the fruit is preserved for a longer period. This air-tight mechanism of the mason jars prevents the fruits from oxidizing and altering their texture or taste.

Non-Porous Nature of Mason Jars

Fruits are preserved for the longest time in mason jars because these jars are non-porous. This means the glass is not permeable, so no microorganisms, germs, or air particles can pass through its walls. Therefore, the fruit does not get contaminated or oxidized. The only way to reduce the shelf life of the fruit in the mason jars is to remove the lid and expose the items to air.

The inertness of Mason Jars

Many jars fail to preserve food items for longer, even after being fully airtight. Why is this so? The straight answer is that the jar material has some chemical compounds that react with the fruit’s nutritional components and tarnish them. Mason jars eliminate this problem because they are inert to nearly all the reactions, retaining the fruit’s originality and freshness for a long time.

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