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Why Is Bathroom Fitting Selection Critical?

Bathroom fittings make your experience more convenient and comfortable, and they also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic value of the bathroom. It is therefore critical to choose the right bathroom fittings with appropriate designs that complement the décor of your bathroom. With so many options and designs available on the market, there is a chance that you will either overcrowd your bathroom by installing too many fittings, or that you will overlook the essentials.

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A List of the Best Bathroom Fixtures

Floor Drain That Isn’t Visible

Shower drain channels premium linear floor drain with side hole and cockroach trap with tile and marble insertsThese drain channels are made of 304 grade stainless steel and are designed to drain large amounts of water. Because the drain cover of the shower drain channel is made of your bathroom tile or marble, the appearance is seamless and invisible.

The 3-in-1 Brass Wall Mixer

Wall mixers are ideal for shower areas in bathrooms. These wall mixers are made of rust-resistant pure brass ingots that run smoothly.They address the issue of hot and cold water. The mixer faucets also include a tip-ton spout and an outlet designed specifically for attaching hand showers. The wall mixer completes the look of your shower panel.

The shower head in the bathroom

These showerheads, which feature evenly spaced silicon nozzles, are simple to clean, prevent lime scale buildup, and deliver a powerful spray. The spa-like rain shower experience provided by an overhead shower completes the look of any bathroom. These bathroom fittings are made of ABS and plated with 3-layer surface-protected Chromium.

Basin Mixer with a Single Lever

The single lever tall body basin mixer is the star of your bathroom basin area. It is a tall, sleek faucet with a single handle. This faucet is made of pure brass ingot and is plated with three layers of surface protection: chromium, nickel, and copper. The mixer faucet provides the desired temperature of hot and cold water and is an excellent addition to your wash basins.

Showers for the hands.

Install your hand showers along with your wall mixers to complete your shower area panel. The hand showers are made of strong ABS plastic and have a meter-long flexible tube that allows you to control the direction of the water flow.


Diverters made of pure brass ingots allow you to have a versatile bathroom shower area. You can get your water supply from geysers, overhead tanks, and submersibles and have a single point of control to switch between faucets and overhead showers. Diverters are created using core shooter technology, which ensures that the interiors of the diverter are even and smooth for an uninterrupted flow.

Floor Drain, Cockroach Trap

The floor drain with cockroach traps is made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel and can be installed beneath your wash basins and showers. These floor drains include a cockroach trap, which keeps insects from the sewage pipe out of the bathroom while also trapping all unpleasant odors and toxic gasses.

Soap’s Dish

With Hansgrohe’s stainless steel and ABS soap dishes, you can keep your soap bars dry at all times. Both materials are resistant to rust and anti-corrosive. They are extremely compatible with any type of water and have a long lifespan. The soap dishes have a mesh base that allows excess water from the soap bar to drain quickly, extending the life of your bar.

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