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8 Most Fun Champions To Play In League Of Legends

These champions are recommended for players searching for a good time in the current League of Legends meta.

League of Legends is one of the world’s most successful games, and the game’s great champion design is the key to its success. While some of the champions can be frustrating to play against at times, the vast majority of champions are extremely enjoyable to play and provide unique experiences.

With new champions being released all the time and old ones being reworked and continually changed, it’s difficult to stay at the top of the list of the most enjoyable champions to play in League of Legends.


Sylas, a mid-laner in League of Legends, has probably the most fun ultimate in the game, allowing him to steal any opposing ultimate. While these ults are frequently entertaining to use on their own, depending on which he has stolen, combining them with the rest of Sylas’ kit creates a truly unique experience.

Fortunately, the rest of Sylas’ abilities are just as entertaining to use, particularly his E, which consists of two parts Abscond and Abduct, in which Sylas dashes in any direction before hurling his chains at a target, stunning them and dashing towards them.


Thresh’s fame, like the souls he collects, lasts forever. Thresh’s kit is full of surprises, from his hooks and flays to his one-of-a-kind lantern, which can save teammates or summon help from afar. However, it is the way they can all be used together that distinguishes Thresh as one of the best.

Thresh’s minor modifications in 2023 have reinvigorated the Chain Warden, making successful hooks even than rewarding because the cooldown is practically refilled in the late game once he lets his prey escape. He is an excellent champion for both novice and expert supporters.


Zeri is perhaps the most distinct and entertaining bot laner or ADC in League of Legends. This is primarily because to her unique auto-attacking style, which is found on her Q – Burst Fire. In fact, Zeri was created to play much like a character from a shooting game like Valorant.

When combined with her tremendous mobility, she swiftly transforms into a kiting monster with incredible potential to blast off in teamfights. Her high-adrenaline gaming is incredibly enjoyable, particularly once mastered.


Given his ability to transform into any champion in the game, it’s difficult not to include Viego on a list of the most enjoyable champions to play in League of Legends. To accomplish so, he must first kill them in order to acquire their soul.

While Viego can only possess enemy champions for up to 10 seconds at a time. This is sometimes all that is required because if he continues to kill, he can switch. Nothing beats an entire teamfight in which you play as five distinct champions.


Rakan has always been one of the most pleasant supports to play since his debut in 2017. But his current strength makes him much more so. Rakan’s arsenal includes five-man knockups, a charm that makes him move quickly, and plenty of dashes.

Rakan is most enjoyable when coupled with his lover. So the fact that Xayah is equally strong in Season 13 is an extra bonus. Rakan and Xayah have various interesting interactions, such as a shared recall that can come in handy, and Rakan can dash from a distance to Xayah.


Akali has been one of the most enjoyable champions to control in League of Legends since her update in 2018. From her passive to her ultimate, every component of Akali’s kit provides an opportunity to outplay the adversary while feeling wonderful.

Unlike most assassins who want to rush in, rapidly burst someone out, and flee, Akali approaches fights differently. She can delay her damage and mobility with the two portions of her E – Shuriken Flip and Ultimate. This is in addition to having access to her W – Twilight Shroud, which she may hide in and move around in to place herself before startling adversaries.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol’s revamp is one of the game’s biggest accomplishments in recent years. Shifting his gameplay from niche at best to one of the game’s best power fantasies. When players activate the Star Forger, they will genuinely feel like a cosmic space dragon with unequaled power in League of Legends legend.

Aurelion Sol’s power and skills improve over the course of Penalty Kick Online game. His black hole Singularity, for example, grows in size, including the center, which can execute foes with little health. Best of all is his ultimate Falling Star, which can transform into the aptly named The Skies Descend. Knocking down enemies and sending a massive shockwave across the Rift.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin will always be one of the most entertaining champions in League of Legends, regardless of the season. With two dashes and his ultimate Dragon’s Rage, which may deliver a carry into his team’s hands. His tools for making plays and outmaneuvering the opposition are the envy of most champions.

The nicest thing about Lee Sin is that, despite his age, players are continuously discovering new combos. And his high skill ceiling means that people will have more fun with him as they progress.

League of Legends is playable on both PC and Mac.

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