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Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp: 8 Pro Tips

These expert advice should make strategizing in Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp a breeze.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp is a turn-based strategy game that reimagines Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising material in a fresh, modern package.

Players assume the position of the Orange Star Army’s tactical advisor and are entrusted with completing a variety of missions in which they must fight to save their homeland. The action is quick and responsive. And players can choose from a large range of unit types as well as a choice of Commanding Officers to help them. Here are some useful pro tips for Re-Boot Camp.

Use Artillery To Block Off Enemy Units

One of the AI peculiarities in Re-Boot Camp is that enemy infantry can easily get stopped in front of artillery units. If those units are utilized in conjunction with the terrain to produce bottlenecks.

Essentially, this can be a terrific strategy to slow down the opposition. However, players should expect to lose some artillery units when using this trick (at least potentially—artillery can and frequently will take itself off to be repaired once it’s been damaged sufficiently).

Sacrifice Cheaper Units To Save More Expensive Ones

Resource management is an important aspect of Re-Boot Camp, as it is in many genre-defining strategy games. And knowing when to be happy with sacrificing or allowing units to be killed for the sake of the overall strategy is essential.

Using less valuable or less expensive units as a buffer for, or to defend. More precious units is probably the best illustration of this. While losing units in a strategy game is never fun, it’s the name of the game in Re-Boot Camp and something players should not be afraid of.

Don’t Be Afraid To Restart A Turn

Introducing a system that allows players to resume their turns before confirming any orders they’ve given is perhaps one of the most helpful changes that Re-Boot Camp has made on the original Advance Wars games, arguably setting it apart from even some of the genre’s best-ever titles.

Naturally, this can be a lifesaver in circumstances where the player has made an error in one of their orders. As a result, players can and should take advantage of this mechanic. If they believe they can better their turn in some way.

Zoom Out To View The Whole Map

In strategic games like Re-Boot Camp, having the best, broadest vision of the battlefield possible is usually a huge advantage.

Fortunately, the game, like many other classic strategy games. Allows players to zoom out to see the entire battlefield by using the right joystick. This is especially important when players begin deploying air troops, as these units have rather broad attack ranges and, without fully zooming out, players may not be able to see them in their entirety. As a result, this is yet another mechanic that players should make liberal use of.

Learn From Commentary Post-Surrendering

Players are unlikely to win every combat in Re-Boot Camp. That is life. In many such circumstances, one can usually sense when they would not be able to pull off a victory and chose to surrender rather than have their entire army blown to bits by the adversary.

Upon surrendering in Re-Boot Camp, players will frequently receive some form of commentary or feedback from their OCs on the mission. These comments can be very insightful and are well worth considering when doing said mission again, giving Basket Random game a wonderful depth that puts it on level with some of the genre’s best offerings.

Make The Most Of Terrain

One of the most intriguing aspects of Re-Boot Camp is the game’s pretty sophisticated terrain system. Which may vary quite a bit from mission to mission (a clever technique found in stronger entries in the genre).

Naturally, said terrain must be considered whenever players are planning their next move. Or determining how to approach a mission in general. Players, for example, can manipulate in-game fog to disguise infantry units and surprise the adversary. Alternatively, if there is fog on the map, sending infantry units into the mountains will provide them with a wider field of vision.

Send Backup When Capturing Cities

Capturing cities in Re-Boot Camp is a difficult task. Just as in real life (but it’s a great struggle that appears in many classic strategy games).

As a result, whenever players march against enemy cities, they should strive to send backup soldiers whenever possible. When a player is in the middle of attempting to capture a city, the opposition will frequently send units out to attack their infantry. Leaving them vulnerable to being taken out. This is especially true when players are attempting to capture opposing headquarters, as the stakes are larger.

Learn The Ins And Outs Of CO Powers

Re-Boot Camp offers a variety of Commanding Officers, or COs for short, and each of them has their unique CO Power. That may be used during missions (and it’s this degree of detail that truly distinguishes Re-Boot Camp from lesser titles).

CO Powers are all distinct, thus players should take the time to learn the differences between them all. As well as determine when it is better to use (or not deploy) a specific CO Power. Some CO Powers, for example, are most effective when used at specific points throughout a battle.

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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