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Certificate Attestation – All You Need To Know About It?


For reports issued in India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issues an apostille seal sticker. All Hague Treaty signatory nations recognize apostille as legal documentation. Documents for social, educational, and business use are apostille-ed by MEA. The Consulate of the source state will attest credentials as part of the legalization procedure to confirm their authenticity as Personal, Academic, and Professional credentials. The procedure is carried out following the MEA’s confirmation. For all nations that are not Apostille-accepting or Hague Convention members, verification is performed.

When applying for higher education from a foreign country or searching for a career in a foreign country, academic documents must be authenticated. It is a way to verify the accuracy of your academic transcript, i.e., the records of your grades and academic accomplishments from high school and university. The university you will subsequently be accepted to or the company you will work for must vouch for the legitimacy of the certificate before they would engage you. Verification of the credential is required from the relevant universities and departments of human resources. The process for certificate attestation for university certificates will differ depending on the origin or nature of the paper.


It takes a while to have a certificate legalized by the MEA, an embassy, or a visa application center. You must proceed through several stages of legalizing procedures; the process involves verification by municipal, state, and federal officials. The method is determined by the type of certificate. If you use technical advice, the procedure begins with the filing of documents in Bengaluru.

There is a lengthy list of documents that will need to be legalized. The amount of time required depends on several factors, such as the country from that you are seeking the verification, the type of papers you need, or the organization you need it from. Typically, it takes a few weeks to a month to complete. The previously mentioned factors will still have an impact on the entire time.

For certificates meant to be used abroad for higher studies, job, or visa requirements, educational document attestation services are necessary. You can verify the authenticity and validity of the provided educational document through the verification technique. The concerned State HRD does, however, identify the certificate during the procedure. The MEA then certifies the certificate.

For private files that will be used to apply for visas abroad, Non-Educational Certificate Attestation in Bangalore is required. However, you must first obtain verification from the State Home Department in Bangalore before MEA can obtain the necessary seals and closures and make the use of the documents legitimate. Therefore, get in touch with us to take advantage of reliable attestation services in Bangalore at your convenience if you need to use personal papers abroad. Personal documents such as birth, marriage, medical, police clearance, and other authentic documents.


The procedure of commercial record witnessing through the use of official seals as well as stamps are known as commercial affirmation. However, it is required for the commercial documents that are anticipated to be used for commercial and other reasons in other nations. To authorize the use of the license, you must obtain Mofa declaration services in addition to the MEA as well as the appropriate Ambassador. Commercial credentials include advanced directives, export invoices, registration certificates, and credentials of origin.

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