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Effectual Tips to Acquire 7+ Bands in IELTS Exam

Do you want to get a 7+ on the IELTS exam more than anything else? If so, you should follow a plan that will allow you to get a 9 band each on two modules of the IELTS and a 7 on the other two. With this strategy, you can raise your IELTS score to the 7+ band.

However, that doesn’t imply that you should be biased in your IELTS exam preparation. In fact, failing to adequately prepare for all parts of the IELTS exam might be a major contributor to a very low band score. Don’t think for a second that it’s okay to skimp on preparation for the more challenging or less advantageous segment in order to boost your performance in the easier or more advantageous section. Study each section with the same level of dedication.

If you want to know what it takes to get a 7+ band score on the IELTS exam, reading the essential points emphasized in this article will assist. How to get 8 in IELTS? If that’s the case, I recommend getting in touch with a fantastic center that’s known for its excellent IELTS preparation courses.

The following are some of the most important things you can do to ensure you earn a 7+ on your IELTS exam:

Typical Academic Papers

Whether or not you enjoy working through the practice problems is unknown to us. It doesn’t matter how hectic your schedule is, you should still find time to read through the example papers. It’s crucial since it’ll show you exactly what you need to focus on improving in order to achieve high marks. Examine each section’s sample paper and don’t only focus on the writing and reading sections, as many applicants do. Examine each question on the sample exam to get a feel for the types of questions that will be asked on the real exam and the material that you should know. To succeed in the IELTS exam, it is crucial to practice with example questions.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Insufficient or insufficient preparation for the hearing segment is a common problem for many applicants. Having a firm grasp on your ability to understand spoken English is the foundation of a well-rounded education in the language. No, not if you have a firm grasp of the English language in its written form. The way you pronounce something is crucial. The only way to truly master the pronunciation of each word is through extensive, natural practice. To achieve this goal, expose yourself to as much English-language media as possible, such as audiobooks, movies, news, etc. Act naturally, if you’re anxious, your English listening comprehension will suffer.

Just pretend you’re a miracle worker

Visualize the entire conversation in your head before taking the speaking module test of the IELTS exam. Since you’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like to be in that situation, your self-assurance will naturally increase. If you want to ace the test, you need to spend at least 15 minutes imagining the examiner is asking you questions. Then picture yourself answering the questions with ease and wowing the examiner. This strategy will allow you to respond fast and accurately to the exam scenario. In addition, the speaking segment evaluates your ability to comprehend and respond to questions and comments from examiners.


Finally, we have an outstanding resource that can significantly improve your command of English in a short amount of time. Check out the local newspapers written in a posh English style. In my experience, reading a newspaper on a smartphone is a frustrating experience, so I recommend reading it on a laptop or actual paper. If you want to maximize the effect of this strategy, it’s important to choose content that you’ll enjoy reading. If you don’t know the definition of a word as you come across it in the article, look it up on Google. You might also try rewriting the lines in a different pattern, but you need to be careful that the essential meaning of the lines remains the same.

The government, for instance, may wish to enhance the agricultural sector by utilizing modern technologies, as stated in one newspaper article. It could be reworded as “The government plans to improve agriculture by implementing new technologies.” Did you note that while the line’s pattern has altered, the line’s essential structure remains the same? Well, then, you should use this strategy to hone your reading and writing abilities during your free time.

Do you want to become fluent in English quickly? If that’s the case, you should consider enrolling in an English speaking course in Ludhiana.


If you follow the advice given above, we have no doubt that you will be successful. Then you should have no trouble getting a 7+ on the IELTS exam. Additionally, if you have a method that is working to improve your English proficiency, don’t be afraid to apply it.

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