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How can train stations use QR codes to promote contactless transactions?

Transit agencies and transportation services are considering new ways to provide passengers with extraordinary travel experiences via quick contactless smartphone transactions.

For instance, the Central Railway has installed QR code scanners at suburban railway stations to facilitate contactless ticket checking.

Putting QR codes on train stations would help lessen passengers’ queues and promote quicker access to information through a scan and tap via smartphone.

You can have your QR codes with the best QR code generator online and post them on your train stations to gather data from passengers.

In this article, you will find three of the best uses of QR codes for train stations.

How to make the most of QR codes at train stations

1. Contactless payments through QR codes

Passengers favor contactless payment methods over outdated fare collection systems like prepaid rides, paper tickets, and cash payments, which are inconvenient.

Open-loop contactless transit solutions allow passengers to pay for trains with a single tap of a contactless credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet.

You can create a URL QR code that links to a web payment website. Alternatively, you can create a QR code if you have a payment app to book train tickets.

2. Safer entry points with QR codes

QR codes have replaced manual registration for public transportation to protect the health and safety of passengers and staff.

In addition, it can limit the propagation of viruses by promoting a contactless registration system.

Adopting such practices made it easier for the transportation industry to reassure their passengers to take health and safety measures.

It also helps authorities swiftly identify anyone who may have met a disease carrier and do contact tracing.

You can create a QR code registration that leads to a contactless registration after a scan and a tap via a smartphone.

After scanning the QR code, passengers can view and fill out the registration forms with their smartphones.

3. Easy access to the train’s location

Some people have trouble locating specific locations, but creating QR codes can save them from this stressful dilemma.

You can have a QR code that links to the Google Map and give your passengers the precise location of the train station.

It would be easier for passengers to find the location since they can simply open their Google Map app and follow its directions.

You can post the Location QR code on social media and print them on posters. You are helping the passenger save time by following the correct route.

Promote contactless transactions to passengers by getting your QR codes today

People travel on a daily basis, with a majority of them using public transportation services such as trains and buses.

Transportation staff should start implementing QR code-powered transactions to improve the quality of services delivered to the commuting public.

This method will surely provide convenience and satisfaction to passengers and commuters.

Discover the best QR code solutions and start creating one today with the most advanced and ISO-certified software as QRTIGER. Promote contactless transactions and make travel easier for passengers.

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