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How To Plan A Home Move?

Moving an entire house to a new place is an overwhelming task. From sorting to packing, from labeling to loading, from unloading to unpacking, there are many steps involved in the transfer. Thus, executing a successful move can be very confusing and tiring. But if you have enough time, you can plan your transfer to ensure a hassle-free process. There are a few tips that will help you plan the process of converting your home with ease. Let’s take a look:

Hire Professionals

As soon as you come to know about your relocation, you should start looking for professional packers and movers in Dehradun. A reliable moving company will assist you in completing your entire moving process. Since they are trained and equipped with all the necessary equipment to make your move easy, you can be sure of a safe transfer without stressing about the execution of the process.

Pick A Date

To start planning your transfer, you need to finalize the date first. Although you may have a timeline for your move, it is also essential that you choose a date that suits you perfectly. However, there are also some technical considerations to consider when choosing the date of your move. You should make sure that you do not go anywhere during weekends, during the festival season, or on public holidays. These dates are usually much more expensive, and you will probably run into a lot of traffic during these times.

Sort Your Content

Over time people accumulate a lot of stuff but don’t use it. Moving all of these items to your new home will mean more packing material, a bigger moving vehicle, and more expenses. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of everything that you no longer need. You can either give them or donate them. Doing so will make your move a lot more manageable and hassle-free.

Consider Insurance

Moving insurance is not something that people often consider. However, this one step can help you in a stress-free transfer process. Moving insurance will help you ensure that your items reach their destination without damage. And even in the event of an accident, this insurance will protect you from any financial loss. Various relocation companies offer moving insurance. So, before choosing a moving company, make sure you check out the insurance and damage recovery section as well.

Pack Essentials Separately

When planning your trip, don’t forget to pack all your essentials in a separate bag. This bag will come in handy in your new home if your other items are late. So, make sure you pack all your toiletries, bedsheets, electronic devices, chargers, and some clothes.


Moving to a new home gives you a unique experience. And you must plan to make this trip memorable. Although preparing for a move is difficult, with these tips, we hope you can make the process easier and move into your new home without any stress. If you have decided to shift your house and, now thinking about the vasthu days in 2022 for a new house? So don’t worry because many packers and movers can help you with it. If you need help with house shifting and Bhumi Pujan for a new house, contact Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS Group) immediately. 

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