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What Are The Networking Features That Can Boost Your Networking Experience?

Networking skills are essential in personal and professional environments and building a network helps to connect with individuals. Using these online networking event platforms, like Mixhubb, helps in the job search process and offers support in a form that advances the career. There is a particular skill set that is needed to build relationships that can be developed and improved further.

The competencies that help in building personal and professional social contacts are called networking skills. An essential skill that helps in many industries, including business, sales, banking, and other details. This also helps in building stronger connections with colleagues, family, friends, and personal acquaintances.

Important networking skills

Different skills are important for networking with people. Some of these are-

·   Active listening

The skill involves smiling, making eye contact, and using non-verbal cues to showcase to the speaker. Though it requires focus and concentration, it makes the speaker feel good.

·   Communication

The exchange of ideas from one person to another is communication. Good communication skills help to use the right tone to receive a proper response from the other person. Networking with people, using communication as a skill, helps to communicate effectively and delivers the message intended.

Some written communication skills may also be needed to build and maintain relationships. The networks need social media and certain professional websites that help in the work.

·   Speaking in public

In networking events, interaction with a large group of people is needed to build connections with the people. This creates a requirement for public speaking skills. It helps to improve articulation and helps the other person understand what they are trying to say.

·   Empathy

It is the ability to understand the perspective, emotions, and state of mind of another person. It is considered an important skill for networking because some people prefer sharing their emotions and experience with empathetic people. Some questions related to the situation may be asked. These points should be based on the viewpoint of others as it improves the confidence of the other person. This eventually leads to better networking with the people.

·   Social skills

Another important set of skills is social skills which include interaction with others in both a personal and professional environment. The words, gestures, visual cues, appearance, and body language are all considered when working on social skills.

Reaching out to other people in a meeting either for the first time or meeting with the same colleagues outside of the office can help to manage long-term relationships. Relationships outside the office are also very important to maintain professional relations.

·   Emailing skills

Even though social media has become a major part of advertisement or marketing strategy, email remains the preferred choice for most businesses. Certain rules are very important to ensure that all the recipients receive the email and act upon it after reading it.

They should be kept short, precise, and explanatory enough to develop a long-lasting relationship with the professionals. A little research can also be done and the message can be tailored based on the interest of the readers. This makes a positive impression on them thus increasing their popularity.

·   Positivity

On the online event streaming platform, some people prefer to interact with individuals who showcase a positive demeanor and are friendly in nature. A positive attitude helps to put things into perspective and develops a good rapport with the people. It makes the moment likable and more memorable. As people gravitate towards more positive people, relationships become easier. In the workspace and outside, the ease of the relationship becomes easier.

·   Using influential connections

Similar to the case of sales, the key to success is networking using international connections to yield better results. It is a normal process that determines the people who are helpful socially and professionally. There is a set criterion that is used to determine the influence and starts from knowing the aim.

·   Do not keep expectations

There might be an urge to raise the expectations in a single meeting but it should be resisted. The networking event can provide the desired result. Huge importance is sometimes placed on people, where control can be limited. This gives vulnerable and negative feelings.

A job opportunity that sounds promising does not turn out to be a disappointment if expectations are kept to a minimum.

·   Focus on the efforts

To keep the network strong and flowing, it is important to always add value to it and expect the same from others. Networking is aimed to be mutually beneficial and thus if there are connections that ask for extra help then the value can be offered by putting in extra time.

It is preferred if the focus is kept on the quality business network over a large and inflective one, and the resources can be prioritized with better time and greater results.

·   Impressive pitch

A 30-second pitch remains a constant in the networking business. As people are very quick to pass judgments, the elevator pitch is useful for important summarization and adding value in the minimum possible words.

The pitch should exude the passion and personality of the speaker and also the achievements and key milestones.


The importance of networking has been recognized and understood by business people. Networking is building connections with the professionals that create a bond and help when needed. This article aims to discuss all how a person can improve their networking skills.

Many different online platforms help in learning about better networking. Communication as discussed above is one of the major skills needed. Not only inside the office but outside connections can influence the prosperity of the business. The largest impact is on influential connections.

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