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Mistakes To Avoid When Giving Gifts To New Mums

Becoming an aunt of a baby from your friend, sister, or cousin induces happy feelings in your body. We become more excited and may make mistakes in choosing gifts for the new mum in excitement. Be careful when you buy something for your loved ones, and do not make the following mistakes.

1. Wishing Cards

You are unfit if you think a wishing card is a worthy gift for a mum to be a hamper. Your friend needs your wishes but not only a piece of paper when you meet her. We can express our feelings by a whishing card but not only by a single whishing card. You must buy gift hampers from Mama Jewels to make her happy because she expects something helpful for her and her baby. 

2. Cloth Less Gift Hamper

The mum to be hamper gift is incomplete without baby clothes. Clothes are the basic need for a mother when she gives birth to a newborn baby. You can also purchase clothes for your pregnant cousin because she has been gaining weight since her second month. It would be a valuable gift for a mother or baby when you carry beautiful clothes for her or her baby.

3. Avoid Expensive Products

The pregnancy period is limited for mothers and lasts for 9 months. And babies also grow faster when born. So, purchasing expensive products for a pregnant woman and or her baby is no less than a foolish thing. Whatever gift you give the new mother, she will only use it for a short time. The products of Mama Jewels are high-quality and affordable for mum to be hamper.

4. Avoid Decoration Pieces

Most doctors advise pregnant females to take maximum rest and a healthy diet. They have no concern with decoration pieces. They are not shifting to their new houses. So never purchase decorative items when you go to meet your pregnant sister. Besides fancy products, you can carry a pack of chocolates and other mood-handling items for her.

5. Solid Toys

Solid toys are not safe for children lower than 3. Newborn wants colorful toys but in hanging form. If you plan to gift a baby a handy toy, you can buy stuffed toys that will never hurt him. Corduroy Miffy nijntje bear baby toy is the best gift for your nephew. You can order it from Mama Jewels for £17.95.

6. Duplicate Gifts

Mother is full of duplicate gifts, do not buy the same products for mum to be hampered. It is okay to buy clothes, but you can also purchase teethers, a milk pump, and teething jewelry. The fantastic mum-baby gift hampers are available at Mama Jewels.

Buy Brilliant Gift Hampers from Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels has been selling outstanding items for mum to be a hamper for a long time. Their prices are affordable and of fantastic quality. Not only mother and baby, but you can also buy gifts for the father. So Mama Jewels is the best option for the couple who expects a baby.

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