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What Types Of Clothes Should I Take To The Dry Cleaner?

Collecting all your clothes, placing them in the machine, and washing all the clothes collectively is just a dream. Because every dress is prepared with different fabrics. Some are delicate and hydrophobic, while others require care and gentle treatment. So, machine or hand washing is not the limit.

Dry cleaning is another method of washing clothes with petroleum-based liquids (not water) to dissolve stains and dirt giving and fresh look to the garments. Dry cleaning services are available globally. If you want dry cleaners in Greenwich, just go to Love 2 laundry and add the postal code. You will find excellent dry cleaner services at your doorstep.

Before sending clothes to dry cleaners Greenwich, it is important to understand what types of clothes should be given to the dry cleaners. Here is a complete guide to help you categorize your clothes for laundry.

Consider the fabric

Linen is a natural fabric and it is mostly confused about whether it should be dry cleaned or washed. So, keep in mind that linen is delicate, and washing it with water will ruin its quality after a few washings. Therefore, sending linen clothes to dry cleaners will be a good choice to maintain their durability.

Silk is also delicate and handwashing is easy but going with dry cleaning will make your dress last longer. Leather clothes or jackets are also expensive and washing them using detergents at home will damage the quality, so you can send it for dry cleaning. The suede fabric also needs care and it should be dry cleaned.

Besides this, cotton, wool, cashmere, polyesters, etc. are fabrics that can easily be washed at home and therefore should not be sent to the dry cleaner. However, if your dress is expensive and requires kind cleaning then send it to dry cleaners.

Pay attention to the tag

Clothes usually come with safety tags. So, if your clothes instruct to dry clean then it is better to send your clothes to the dry cleaners. However, if it allows hand washing or normal washing then you can keep it at home and wash it yourself.

Strong stains

Stains are the major issue and you can send the stained clothes to dry cleaners for washing. But it is recommended to ask the professional that either the stain will be removed or such cleaning will not work. Consulting before sending clothes will be better.

Final words

You can find dry cleaners Greenwich as well as all over the globe. Such services can help you clean stained clothes, dry clean the delicate fabric clothes, as well as give a fresh look to your garments. All the clothes that are delicate and need kind of washing treatment should be taken to dry cleaners.

Moreover, the clothes’ tags instructing ‘dry clean only’ should also be sent to dry cleaners. Moreover, stained dresses that are tough to deal with can also be forwarded to dry cleaners that use petroleum liquids to remove dirt from the clothes.

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