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Nag Tibba Treks: Five Reasons to Do This Trek


If you love the thrill of trekking and fresh mountain snow but are worried about the long hikes, tent sleeping, or how taxing the high-altitude trek will be on your body, this is a good option. You feel overwhelmed by its enormity and wish you had a better understanding. These are the things that prevent you from moving forward. A weekend trip like the Nag Tibba would be a great choice. This weekend trip is ideal for those who want to get away from the city and have an enjoyable, exciting weekend. At an elevation of 9915ft, the Nag Tibba Trek is an ideal choice for beginners or first-timers who want to learn more about trekking. You can also go on a Kheerganga trek.

Nag Tibba Trek is a must-see spot:


For novice hikers, the Nag Tibba trek is ideal. This trek provides a great break from your daily hectic life. It is located approximately 355 km from Delhi.

Pantwari is the base camp for Nag Tibba. Dehradun being so well connected, and Pantwari easily accessible via well-maintained motorable roads makes it an ideal base camp for Nag Tibba.

It is easy to get to Dehradun. Dehradun can be reached by car from Delhi, which is 254km away. You can book a taxi, which takes between 5 and 6 hours. Dehradun is served by several luxury buses, which arrive at regular times. You can also access government buses from the ISBT Kashmere Gate and the Dehradun Railway Station. You can either take a bus to Pantwari or a taxi from Dehradun Railway Station.

Dehradun has excellent rail connections to major cities. If you are coming from Delhi, it is possible to catch overnight trains to Dehradun. Dehradun Express and Nanda Devi Express are popular options that get you to Dehradun before six in the morning. You can either take a bus to Pantwari or a taxi from Dehradun Railway Station.

Jolly Grant Airport is Dehradun’s airport. It is located 25 km from the city. Some buses and taxis can take you to the railway station. You can either take a bus from Dehradun Railway Station or a taxi to get to Pantwari.

Amazing terrain

This trek, despite reaching an impressive height of 9915 feet at the summit, is very easy. Because it is a gradual climb through lush forests, meandering fields, and sometimes undulating terrain, the Nag Tibba Trek is ideal for beginners. You will find stunning scenery on the journey path, which is covered in snow throughout winter. Wildflowers are abundant along the journey route during the summer, and the foliage around it is bright and vibrant.

Beauty in general

On a single excursion from Nag Tibba, you can face all the difficulties that longer treks pose, including snow and a jungle trail. You also have a stunning view of the highest peaks of the Indian Himalayas. The first day of the journey is comprised mainly through a Rhododendron Forest. It starts at Pantwari. Sometimes, the walk involves walking through snow that is ankle-to-knee-deep after Nag Mandir or just before Nag Mandir. Once you reach the summit, you may enjoy a view of Bandar Poonch and Nanda Devi as well as other peaks, including India’s highest peak. It’s possible to make it round if you plan properly.

Time is taken to complete the trek

A weekend Trek-Trek up Nag Tibba can take between two and three days depending on how strenuous you are. In this case, the best route is the 3-day itinerary which starts in Pantwari. It is possible to start your 2-day hike from Thatyur, but this might not be the best option due to the difficult ascent to Nag Mandir as well as the fact that there is only one source of water until you reach your tent.

The best trek for every season

Nag Tibba is a great trek that can be done in any season. You can schedule this trip for any weekend you want to get out of your routine. Winter snow can cover the trek and cause it to fall a lot. The view from the top of majestic rainforest trees is breathtaking when there’s snow on your feet. The same landscape is also covered with brightly colored flowers and rhododendrons in the summer. To experience the many moods this place can offer, you must go for a walk at any season.

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