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New Dutch Bros CTO Talks Company Growth

On December. 1st Leigh Gower became Dutch Bros Coffee’s first chief of tech. The announcement came only three months after the company had announced its IPO which had been listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In Dutch Bro’s expansion to new markets, Gower says her role in the company is to utilize technology in a way that enhances the customer and employee experience. Gower also hopes to keep the same culture and values of Dutch Bros regardless of the region in which Dutch Bros expands.

Before she was appointed vice-president at Dutch Bros, Gower did an internship for 13 months as vice-president of technology for online jewelry seller the Blue Nile. In the past, Gower served as senior director of technology and product at T-Mobile and was also an Executive Consultant for Slalom Consulting.

Is There a Dutch Bros Straw Code?

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The post you are reading is shortly after Dutch Bros launched its IPO. In the role of Dutch Bros’ first CTO, what are your responsibilities when the company grows?

It’s not feasible to trade publicly in a commercial sense unless the technology is the core of your company.

As we look to plan our future growth technology will play more of a role in ensuring. That our experience is smooth and that communication flows seamlessly. The mission I am assigned is to protect and maintain the culture of our business. As we grow larger and expand the technology environment that surrounds all of our staff.

How do you feel technology could make a difference?

It’s my responsibility to assist our team members in performing their best at what they do. There’s technology within our store that allows us to be more efficient and efficient within our tiny space. To ensure that our team members can concentrate on their clients.

Furthermore, HR has technology that employees can use to manage their benefits plans and personal data about the business. These things can be altered to provide less friction for users.

If you’ve ever been an Apple client, you’re aware that they’re very proficient. With their interface as well as the most efficient method to utilize their applications you. They have developed a simple user experience. Switch on to Android and Windows and you’ll have to fight.

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