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Now Place Icons in the App Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu may go unnoticed by numerous druggies, but it’s one of the further useful nautical tools for both you and your guests.

The whole point of a sidebar is to house the buttons that take up too important space in the primary nautical menu.

You may have more important buttons for people to call your shop or to bespeak reservations. These are more likely to sit right on the homepage, where druggies can see them right when opening the mobile app.

But for those tabs and buttons that are a little less important (like perhaps a roundup of the people working for your business,) the idea of taking up that important real estate may make you cringe just by allowing about how important clutter it would beget.

The stylish result would be to figure out which of the tabs aren’t necessary and cut them out fully. still, if you’re wedged with some instructional tabs that guests will ultimately use, the sidebar is a stylish position for them.

This functionality has been around for a while through iBuildApp, but now icons are available for making the sidebar menu more visual and conversion friendly.

How Do You apply a Sidebar with App Icons?

Login to your iBuildApp account and open an app that you would like to edit. You also have the option to produce an app from scrape by opting one of the colorful mobile app templates from the iBuildApp library.

Click on the Edit button for this particular app.

This brings up the editing module where you can modify particulars like the layout, design, and backups options.

Elect the Layout tab to reveal areas to configure the certain runners that are going to show up on your mobile app.

App Menu

The veritably first section is called Sidebar Features, which has a list of the features(runners) you’re going to show on your sidebar. Chances are it’s empty at the moment, but all you have to do is click on the Add point link to include commodity in the sidebar. However, simply leave this area empty, If you’re trying to not have a sidebar at all.

The coming step is opting for a point to a place on the sidebar. This could be anything from an Instagram feed to a bookstore. For simplicity, we’re going to conclude with a calculator point.

Now, when you scroll over the point in the editor (or when you click on the sidebar icon in the rally,) the sidebar scrolls out and displays the features you have chosen to link to.

Icons in the App Sidebar Menu

As you may notice, each of the features erected into iBuildApp has its own preset icons. This is brand new, so you do have the option to simply go with the icon that was preliminarily named for you.

Still, if you’d like to modify the icon, click on the point under the Sidebar Features title. This shows all of the settings for that particular point. Still, the first option you have is to change the dereliction icon.

App Sidebar

Click on the Edit Button and scroll through the dozens of other icon results handed to you. Once you’ve set up the perfect match, click on the Save button to do it.

Feel free to add around five to ten menu buttons to the sidebar area. As you add the features, you’ll start to see all of their dereliction icons, along with the list of the buttons you now have on the rally to the right.

That’s all we’ve for your moment, but flashback that point configuration is needed for each point you decide to place in the sidebar. For illustration, having a Tap to Call button in the sidebar is just fine, but you must go into the settings and punch in the phone number you’d like people to call when the button is clicked.

Over to You

Have you given the sidebar buttons and icons a pass in iBuildApp? Let us know which types of buttons you keep in the sidebar and why. Partake your studies in the commentary section below if any problems arise while enforcing the sidebar features and icons.

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