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It is known that Instagram is a very important marketing tool for brands and e-commerce stores these days. Less obvious is the knowledge that Instagram, from May 19, 2020, also has functions that allow you to easily purchase products from photos and videos – just like from an online store. Learn how to set up a shop on Insta! You can also visit here: Buy Instagram Followers Greece and know how it would be important for your business sell.

How to set up a shop and sell on Instagram?

The function responsible for this revolution is Instagram shopping. The Instagram store gives the user many new opportunities to increase the availability of an online store. Which the product catalog plays the main role, for this reason it is worth getting interested in the sales functionality of Instagram and creating a store. An Instagram shop may turn out to be a breakthrough not only in promoting the brand. But also contribute to increasing sales and acquiring new customers. Showcase your product catalog on Instagram!

Shopping on Instagram (Instagram shop) – the future of e-commerce

Every brand and store that wants to reach the widest possible audience knows how important social media are, and above all Instagram. A business account (company profile) should be run in a systematic way that attracts the attention of regular and potential customers. For this reason, there are many photos and videos of the brand’s products on Instagram.

Shop on Instagram is a relatively new place (available only for a business account), but it promises to be very promising. With the help of the new feature, online store owners can sell almost directly on Instagram. This method is very convenient for buyers – and this is one of the basic criteria that guarantees the success of an online practice.

Instagram is still a place where the store’s offer is presented in an interesting way. Allowing for close contact with consumers and presenting not only physical products. But also the brand’s philosophy. Nevertheless, like every portal, Instagram is constantly changing and following the expectations of users. One such change is the possibility of instant purchases. Learn how to sell on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram – the basics

Each new marketing path requires learning and adapting to the nature of the company’s operations. The opportunity offered by the store on Instagram will certainly find many enthusiasts who will help in promoting the brand and the products offered. In order for the user to use the Shopping on Instagram option. It is necessary to have a business website on Facebook, as well as a Business Instagram account. With a professional account, you can successfully open a shop on Instagram. What are its advantages and what distinguishes it. There are many reasons why you should be interested in this sales channel.

First of all, it should be emphasized that selling on Instagram works thanks to simple mechanisms that e-marketing specialists know and use. A potential customer watching posts on Instagram with products of a given brand has the option of clicking on the picture. The product to receive information that is necessary to make purchasing decisions. This possibility arises when physical products are properly marked in posts.

Image as the basis of modern marketing – how to sell on Instagram

So, for what purpose and how to tag a product on Instagram? Thanks to the fact that after clicking on the link, a window with information about a specific product appears. The customer can easily get acquainted with the brand’s offer. Without this possibility, even if he would pay attention to the company’s offer or a specific product. He could simply forget about it. A large number of advertisements on social networks means that not all posts attract the attention of users.

Shopping on Insta is part of the popular VSM trend, i.e. Visual Search Marketing, which focuses on searching for products by image, not by word or other forms of communication. Thanks to the fact that the Internet culture is largely based on the image – this form of marketing is becoming more and more popular and more and more companies appreciate its effectiveness.

Pages containing information about products, to which the Instagram user is transferred after clicking on the link in the photo of interest. Familiarize the consumer with the specifics of the product. Such a page should contain all the information necessary to make a purchase decision, especially the exact description and price. To finalize the transaction, the consumer is transferred to the company’s website, where he can complete his purchases.

A new feature, and possibly a harbinger of changes, is the Checkout feature on Instagram. With this option, you can complete your purchases on Instagram. Currently, this option is not widely available. But it is used by users in the United States. Get to know the current bans on Instagram!

How to sell on Instagram – what you should know

The possibility of selling on Instagram will certainly not replace an online store. It is one of the interesting and cost-effective forms of advertising. Which is worth knowing about and taking advantage of its possibilities and potential.

Make sure that ads that are supplemented with product tags can increase your reach and promote your brand. Markers can be configured in the ad manager, to avoid mistakes; it is worth entrusting marketing related to social media to professionals such as members of the Insta Marketing team. Professional help in setting up an Instagram store in one place guarantees full use of individual tools. This, in turn, translates into a real increase in sales.

Our examples of shop implementation on Instagram

WordPress and WooCommerce, but also other platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, Shoper, IdoSell, Shoplo, or Shopelo. Allow for a relatively quick and simple implementation of shopping on Instagram.


For our client running a shop at byagasi.com using WordPress and WooCommerce, we implemented an Instagram shop. Setting up a store on Insta is not that simple and easy! Our client’s store offers hand-made products (Instagram does not allow you to sell virtual products using the shopping function on Instagram). The assortment is not very rich, but we have created everything so that in the event of the development of the offer – Instagram automatically downloads new products.

Implementation and deployment

The entire implementation of the store’s functionality took 2 working days. As part of the implementation of the store, we installed specialized plug-ins that enable generating a product feed and automatically updating this feed. The next step was to install the necessary add-ons to WooCommerce to integrate the store with the Facebook profile. In the next stage, we created a Facebook store (so that the store functions on Instagram, it must first operate on Facebook as part of the so-called fanpage). The next steps were to configure all the parameters in Facebook for Developers and Facebook for Business and request the verification of the store (this took several days).

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