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Understand Some Of The Pros And Convicts Of Using Foamex Sheets

Nowadays, Foamex is used on the most frequent basis for signs. This is due to its light weight material as well as its cost-effectiveness.

Also called PVC foam board it is constructed from a completely rigid plastic that can be found in a variety of varieties of thickness. It is very pliable for manufacturing and can be bent, cut, and drill, glued and printed on. We are experienced in the printing of signage making use of this material due to its benefits.

What Exactly Is Foamex Employed To Do?

To comprehend the value in PVC Foamex sheets, it is important to know the purpose for which it is utilised. Foamex printing is quite popular and is used to print signs, banners, banners, and display boards. This is the reason it is the most popular choice for printing on boards.

The beautiful cell structure as well as the fact that it is available in a variety of colours and specifications makes it a top option to use for digital art professionals. With nine different colours It is available in 10 different thicknesses, which range between 1 mm and 19 millimetres.

But, the most popular ones are 3mm, 5mm and 10mm Foamex. The primary colour of the material is white that is easy to print on and provides an elegant look, which makes it appear much as if it’s more expensive than it is.

Foamex Sheet Thickness

3 mm – Indoor signage, banners (lacks rigidity)

5mm – Indoor sign boards that have moderate rigidity

10mm – Outdoor boards that must be able to endure climate discrepancies

Benefits of Using Foamex

There’s a reason Construction Site Hoarding sign printing is so well-known. There are many advantages to making use of it:

It is easy to transform into any shape:

Foamex is flexible and can be bend easily. If you are looking for signage that is unique and requires some unique shape, foamex is the most suitable option.

Quite Economical:

The majority of marketing budgets have restrictions that you can’t cross. Thus, the price of the boards must be design to not take a huge hole into your pockets.

Other popular materials like Dibond MDF wood and similar materials cost quite a bit. For comparison, foamex panels are less expensive and last between three and five years. Therefore, it’s an investment worth it. Board Printing Company provides foamex signage for a reasonable alternative.

Patterns Of Thickness:

Foamex comes in ten variations of thickness. The thickness ranges from 1 mm up to 19 millimetres. The smallest is the most rigid. The rigidity increases with the thickness.

For signs made of Foamex Board, 3 mm five millimetres, 3 mm, as well as 10 millimetres are typically employed. Signs for indoor use do not need any thickness greater than 3 and 5 millimetres while outdoor signage must be 10 millimetres. This is because strength and rigidity are a required condition for outdoor boards.

Easy To Mount:

The installation of a signboard made of foamex anywhere is easy. The majority of methods that could be use to hold the board can be use with foamex. It could be as simple as drilling holes and fixing it to walls with poles, or Velcro.

Cut Easily:

Customers are choosing the distinctive dimensions and shapes for foamex board printing that fits their budget. Because it’s a material that can be use in a variety of ways, cutting foamex is very simple to create the shape you require. Therefore, it’s the ideal material for those who would like their boards to stand out while still being cost-effective.

Weightage Less:

As a member of the category of materials that are easy to work with, Foamex is very easy to transport and set up due to its lightweight characteristics. It will not incur any additional cost.

The Quality Of Foamex

In addition to the mentioned characteristics, foamex is also top of the line in terms of quality. Its distinctive attributes include the ability to resist fade and allowing full-colour print.

The Disadvantages Of Using Foamex

As with all other materials however, foamex comes with its disadvantages to be considered before making a final decision.

It is possible to get a bit chilly outside and a bad condition is easy when we see the harsh sun rays and an unstoppable downpour. Foamex isn’t an exception in this regard.

There is a high chance of weather-damaging foamex being easily. It is believe that it will stay for three to five years. Because foamex comes in a variety of thicknesses, it’s possible to select the wrong type. The thinner one could wrap easily and look attractive.

It doesn’t matter whether the board is only for one-time use or has multiple uses, the grade of foamex utilised should be of the highest standard. A 3mm or 5mm foamex will wrap much more easily than a 10mm one.

Applications of PVC Foam Sheets and PVC Foam Boards

  1. Ceilings are use to cover Cars, Buses or Trains
  2. It is widely use to create furniture for office and home use.
  3. For building walls with external walls.
  4. Interiors of homes can be create with the help of PVC foam boards.
  5. Sign boards are utilise in outdoor kiosks for advertising

The Reasons PVC Boards are Much More Effective than Plywood:

  1. PVC Foam Boards are up of different materials such as Wood-Plastic Composite.
  2. Plywood might not be able to sustain the heat and moisture. PVC is a great material for the durability and long-term durability of the materials that can withstand the heat and moisture.
  3. PVC is very flexible when compared to plywood. You can cut and shape PVC Foam Boards in accordance with your needs, however, unlike plywood, it isn’t possible.
  4. PVC recycles waste plastic and wood, so it’s environment-friendly.
  5. Flexible enough to make use of PVC sheets for different reasons without limitations, however this is not possible with plywood.

If partitions are constructed using PVC foam board, these are likely to resist noise, thereby keeping your privacy. This makes it ideal for office use. PVC foam board producers make it without wood, so it is not harmful to the forest for the production of it.

Can Foamex Be Used Outdoors?

Foamex is of the same material that your double-glaze windows and doors are likely to be of. Because of this, it’s extremely weather-proof and is ideal for creating slLigns that endure the elements outside.

Foamex board is of polyvinyl Chloride (or PVC for short it is a popular plastic due to its flexibility. Contrary to what it is call it isn’t pliable or soft and the foam name only refers to porous bubbles which compose the core.

The core is solid, and is press between two sheets to form a board which is durable, but nevertheless light and inexpensive. PVC is the material use for double glazing due to its toughness and resistance to being damage by elements.

These similar characteristics make it appropriate for outdoor signs. It is weatherproof, and is resistant to fading for as long as 10 years, depending on the type of product and the place of installation.

Its remarkable ability to hold and hold ink after printing on, and resistant to damage from the elements is yet another reason Foamex print signs are so popular.


Foamex has certainly revolutionised the market with its durable and cost-effective board material. Basic boards can be purchase for prices as low as PS10 + VAT which is a very affordable price.

Because it is simple to cut, mount and move Foamex is a material that has gradually been gaining popularity as the best choice for printing signage.

Along with a variety of thicknesses, 10mm Foamex sheet is also available in a variety of shades, with white being the most popular choice. The amount of cons of foamex is much lower than that of pros, which makes it the most suitable option when it comes to Foamex printing.

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