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VAT Return Filing Services In UAE With bestaxca

Filing VAT returns in Dubai

VAT return filing in Dubai | VAT returns filing services in Dubai.

All taxable businesses in Dubai are required to file a VAT return. Once a company has applied for VAT registration, it is assigned a Tax Registration Number (TRN). The usual tax period is three months (quarter).

VAT declarations must be submitted at least once every three months. However, in some cases, companies are required to submit VAT Return Filing Services In UAE monthly. The deadline for submitting VAT returns is indicated in the VAT payer certificate. All companies registered as VAT payers must file VAT returns within the deadlines set by the Federal Tax Administration.

Once registered as a VAT payer in the UAE, you must file a VAT return and make the relevant payments within 28 days after the end of the tax period.

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How to file a VAT return in Dubai

“Bestaxca Auditing provides quality and timely services for monthly and quarterly VAT filing in Dubai. All VAT returns must be filed electronically through the FTZ e-services portal. Failure to file VAT returns on time or filing them incorrectly may result in a VAT audit and penalty by the FTZ. The VAT return form is called VAT201.

The burden of filing VAT returns

Bestaxca Auditing’s VAT experts will help and guide you through the VAT return filing process:

Our VAT experts will come to you monthly or quarterly to collect and prepare financial data for your VAT return.

At the end of each VAT period, Bestaxca will prepare the VAT return on behalf of your company in accordance with the FTZ rules.

Bestaxca Auditing ensures timely submission of VAT returns for each tax period.

Bestaxca Auditing ensures that all your company’s financial transactions are in compliance with VAT and FTZ VAT legislation.

Bestaxca Auditing will review and verify VAT transactions to ensure that the correct amount of sales VAT has been included on the invoice as a product tax and that VAT has been correctly accounted for on the supplier invoice.

Bestaxca Auditing provides suggestions and opinions on the latest trends and updates in the field of VAT to ensure compliance and avoid penalties of the Free Trade Agreement.

On-site audits of invoices and records to ensure correct VAT payment.

Our VAT experts will, of course, represent your company in the event of a tax audit by FTA representatives (if necessary).

Completion of VAT return

All businesses operating in the UAE must be fully compliant with all VAT rules and regulations, such as timely business registration, preparation and use of the correct tax invoice, proper record keeping and compliance with many other mandatory procedures.

Bestaxca invoice audit covers all aspects of VAT. We offer the best VAT services and help businesses avoid VAT fines and penalties by guiding them in the right direction. We offer the best and most advanced VAT accounting services to many companies in the UAE. Trust Bestaxca with your VAT affairs, contact us if you need VAT reporting!

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