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When to Migrate Your Website From Shared Hosting to VPS UK?

Is your website getting low speed and performance on Shared Hosting? If yes, then you must upgrade your website hosting from shared to VPS UK. Because it offers several benefits that are high speed, large space, uptime, dedicated resources, support, etc. 

Therefore, it is mainly the online business owners that are software developers, web developers, e-commerce, game makers, and more.

In this article, you will learn about Shared Hosting and VPS UK Hosting, the Benefits of Migrating from Shared Hosting to VPS, and What is the Best Time to consider VPS Hosting?

About Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting UK

Shared Hosting is a type of hosting service that allows a number of sites to share a physical server and resources with the websites. Also, the hosting provider manages the resources, software, and applications on the server. 

Moreover, VPS is a Virtual Private Server and it is the most popular hosting among online businesses in the United States. Therefore, it offers dedicated resources to multiple websites on a server. It provides advanced security, high speed, and performance than shared hosting. 

Also, VPS is a cost-effective hosting in the UK. In that, you will get high uptime, large storage, bandwidth, and complete technical support via phone calls, live chat, ticket system, and email. 

Benefits of Migrating from Shared Hosting to VPS in the UK

More Freedom

With VPS Hosting in UK, you will get more freedom than shared hosting. Therefore, you can easily update and install the software, programms, and applications on your server. You can also control the server and can make changes to the settings.

High Speed and Performance

VPS offers high speed and better performance than Shared Hosting. This will help your website to load fastly on the browser. Also, it will speed up the loading time which will help to improve the customer’s experience. 


Nowadays, Security has become a most critical concern for website owners. With VPS in the UK, you will get an advanced security option than shared Hosting. It includes DDos Protection, Firewall, and more with the vps Hosting plan. This will help to secure your website from cyber attacks like phishing, malware, and other dangerous attacks. 

Also, in VPS, you do not have to worry about website speed at the time of loading. It will work better as before and help to scale your business on the browser. 

Large Storage and Bandwidth 

VPS provides large storage and Bandwidth to small and large businesses than shared hosting. Therefore, it will help your site to load rapidly on the browser. You can also upgrade your storage and bandwidth as per your business needs.

Dedicated Resources

You will get dedicated resources under the VPS hosting in the UK. That includes complete root access, high security, a large amount of storage, customer support, and other server things. 

Some Basic Steps on how to migrate your website hosting from shared to VPS

vps uk

Transfer your domain to your New Hosting

It is optional but advised to the businesses. Therefore, save time and resources by upgrading your domain to the new VPS Hosting in the UK. 

Generate a Backup of Your Website

When you make any changes on your website then ensure that you must back up the data and information of your site. Therefore, to export the information, you have to go to cPanel and back up the files.

Transfer your Files and Import the database to the new Virtual Private Server

In this, you can set up your new VPS account and can transfer the files and database that you downloaded before. 

Point the IP address to the VPS Hosting in the UK

Lastly, go to the DNS provider and point the IP address to the VPS Server. Now, you need to send an email request to your domain name registrar. After this, your website is moved to VPS UK Hosting.

When to Migrate Your Website Hosting From Shared To VPS UK?

There are various thing that occurs on your site that will tell you when to migrate your website hosting from shared to VPS Hosting in UK. Therefore, you can upgrade your website hosting when you will notice such problems that are-

  • When your website is not performing better and taking time in loading on the browser.
  • Your website speed is getting low due to security problems.
  • When your website does not have storage and requires more space for the information.

Also, if you are getting one or more issues on your shared hosting then you must migrate your website hosting to VPS Hosting UK. Therefore, before upgrading to VPS Hosting, ensure that you have access to your shared hosting account, VPS Hosting, and cPanel of your domain. After this, you can migrate your Shared Hosting to VPS in UK.


In the end, you have learned about when to migrate your website hosting from Shared to cheap VPS UK. If you are getting low speed and performance under shared hosting you must move your website to VPS Hosting in the UK.

Nowadays, VPS Server has become the most popular hosting among small and large businesses. Also, it comes at an affordable price with lots of benefits are full control of your server, high uptime, speed and performance, security, support, and more things with the VPS Hosting plan. 

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