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What Are The Benefits Of Collagen?

Just like the human body needs collagen to maintain body weight, it also needs active collagen to hold various body parts together. Found in our nails, hair, and skin, this micronutrient works as a glue that keeps the body healthy and strong. 

Now that you know what collagen is, you must understand how collagen benefits your body. However, let us first discuss what happens when our body lacks collagen. As we age, our body reduces collagen production. As a result, we experience wrinkles, bone loss, joint pain, etc. But if your body produces the right amount of collagen, it can help you maintain weight and prevent hair fall. Do you not know the benefits of collagen? Do not worry! We have discussed all the benefits of collagen in this article.

Benefits Of Collagen


As we have discussed earlier, collagen production in our bodies reduces as we age, promoting wrinkles, cellulite, loose skin, etc. But the increase in collagen level helps the skin to repair itself, making it look brighter and soft. Not only that, but collagen also helps to remove fine lines. 

Collagen tends to increase the water absorbing capacity of the Stratum Corneum, which is known as the outer layer of the skin, helping the skin to prevent UVB-driven damage. 

Collagen also helps your face to hold the fat in place to prevent your skin from becoming thinner. It also instigates skin elasticity and decreases the wrinkles on the skin, making the skin healthier and brighter. However, if you are confused about which collagen supplement to buy, then we suggest you go for Lorna Vanderhaeghe Estro smart to get all its benefits.

Bone Health

Collagen is essential for improving your bone health. Some researchers suggest that collagen can protect people from osteoporosis. The consumption of hydrolyzed collagen stimulates osteoblasts, a kind of bone-creating cell that helps to increase bone density.

Remember that our body maintains a healthy balance by destructing and recreating bone collagen. This natural process helps our body function properly. Though many medications tend to block this cycle, collagen supplements do otherwise. They instigate the body to create more bone collagen, helping our body to have stronger bones. 

If you are still confused as to how to increase your active collagen consumption, you can consider taking Lorna Vanderhaeghe active collagen. It can help your bones to become stronger. It can also help your nails and oral problems.


Do you know that collagen can convert various essential nutrients in your body? That is perhaps the most important reason why active collagen is good for strengthening your metabolism. If you increase your consumption of collagen, it helps to build lean muscle mass, promoting weight loss. A study conducted to check if collagen affects our metabolism or not shows that, collagen supplements can reduce food intake by 20% after breakfast. 

This reduction in food intake and higher metabolism can help you to maintain body weight, resulting in a healthier lifestyle. It is now clear that by strengthening your metabolism, collagen can help you to lose weight. 

Cardiovascular Health

Collagen is one of the most reliable forms of protein, helpful in improving heart health. The walls of arteries contain collagen. So, the increase in collagen supplements is linked to strengthening your heart’s health. But how can collagen improve your heart health? It has a simple answer. Collagen supplements contain an amino acid called proline, found in artery walls. It can release the buildup of fat from the bloodstream, preventing heart attack. 

Proline, present in collagen supplements, is essential for tissue repairing. It also helps to control the blood pressure level, which is the most important thing to improve heart health. Collagen can also help the arteries to stay clear of plaque buildup, helping the body prevent Arteriosclerosis.  


As we age, our eye problems become more prominent. But why does it happen? Of course, not wearing goggles can be a reason. The answer is simple. It happens because of the lack of collagen production in your body. Lack of collagen production in the body can cause two major eye problems, glaucoma, and cataract. Glaucoma is a common eye problem where the eye pressure increases with time due to blockage in normal drainage of fluid in and out. This blockage in the normal cycle causes the eyeballs to not get support properly. As a result, it prevents the fluid from getting drained, building pressure in the eye. 

Most people do not even know that the lack of collagen production in the body can cause such a big issue with time. That is why finding the right active collagen supplement to maintain your eye health is necessary. 

Another big eye problem caused due to the lack of collagen is cataracts. Though no one takes this problem seriously, if not taken seriously, people can end up losing their vision permanently. A cataract is a clouding of the lens which instigates the loss of vision. 

So, in simple words, you can improve your eyes’ health with time if you increase the consumption of collagen supplements. Though there are multiple natural collagen supplements you can look for, buying Lorna Vanderhaeghe collagen plus can also help you fulfill the need for active collagen in your body.  

Teeth And Nail

Collagen is the most essential form of protein that you need to maintain stronger teeth. Collagen, being important for forming the essential part of the structure of teeth, is a building block of your teeth. Not only that, collagen protects the surrounding tissue of the gums and jaw, promoting healthy and white teeth. 

Collagen is also essential if you have brittle nails. If your nails easily get broken, it means your body lacks collagen. So, boost your collagen intake to improve your nails.


Like other body parts, hair too is very important for us. Most people get affected by hair loss more than small skin problems. So, if you want to increase the health of your hair, you need to understand how collagen can contribute to providing you with stronger and more beautiful hair. 

Three things are essential to prevent your hair problem and increase the health of your hair. These are keratin, collagen, and minerals. But do you know that your hair needs amino acids, essential for making keratin that is found in hydrolyzed collagen? 

Collagen, being the building block of your hair, provides the amino acid which is essential for reducing hair fall. Not only that, but collagen also improves the quality of your hair, promoting hair growth. 

Joint Pain

If you have been suffering from joint pain, we suggest you try out any reliable collagen supplement to get its positive effect on the body. Collagen maintains the capability of the cartilage, a tissue that is essential for protecting your joints. Since aging, our body reduces the amount of collagen production, resulting in the increasing symptoms of osteoarthritis. 

Apart from reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, the consumption of collagen supplements can also decrease overall joint pain. A study conducted on almost five hundred people with osteoarthritis showed that consuming ten grams of collagen supplement for twenty-four weeks improved the health condition of the people suffering from the above-mentioned health issue. It tends to give relief from joint stiffness faster.   

Gut Health

Though there is a lack of scientific evidence, some people claim that collagen supplements can treat leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability.


Collagen, being one of the most important forms of protein, holds our body together. Whether it is your hair, teeth, or heart, collagen supplements play a great role in improving our health. However, it is one of the most abandoned forms of protein, and not many know about it and the benefits it provides. Now that you know what collagen is and how it affects our body, consider consuming a proper amount of collagen to keep yourself away from chronic diseases.

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