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Abortion Pills Available in UAE What You Need to Know

You have unwanted pregnancy and you want to buy abortion pills available in UAE?

Before you buy abortion pills available in UAE. Read this article to see if this is the best option to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Besides providing safe abortion drugs in Dubai, this post aims to highlight the best and safest options for safe, legal and confidential abortions.

Abortion in UAE: is it your choice?

If you are a citizen of the United Arab Emirates or are staying there for business reasons. You must comply with the regulations of the country. So what are the rules for women’s reproductive rights in the United Arab Emirates?

UAE Abortion Regulations:

Although abortion in Dubai is illegal. However, only the following events are possible.

Abortion regulations in the United Arab Emirates are very strict. Like many countries, women cannot have abortions as a free choice. Abortion regulations in UAE are established by UAE Penal Code No. 340. Which states that abortion is illegal in Dubai and only permissible if:

Various doctors have to make very accurate judgments in order to save a woman’s life.

A child born with a pre-existing condition in which a fetal defect is detected during prenatal screening is either incurable or is approaching the child’s minimum life expectancy.

Status of Abortion Drugs in Dubai

Again, these legal abortions are only available to married women. The women who must prove their marriage and present a marriage certificate in order to create an abortion record.

Abortion Permission in Dubai

For the above cases where abortion is legal, the consent of both partners is required.

Abortion in the UAE is not an option if:

  • You have become pregnant but don’t want to because of unsuccessful contraception. This is the most common reason for pregnancy in women. But the sad news is that there are no legal abortion options in the country where they live.
  • You are unmarried, pregnant from marriage and want to end unwanted pregnancy.
  • You are a single mother with an unwanted pregnancy.
  • You have a whole family and want to have an abortion for social or financial reasons.

Either she got pregnant after marriage or she is planning to get married in the future. Like most expats who want to get married in their own country in a few years. But without a marriage license, you cannot benefit from an abortion. Even if the pregnancy is the result of contraceptive failure, having the certificate is not your choice.

What do most women in the UAE do to get an abortion?

Most women in the UAE with unwanted pregnancies seek illegal abortion methods such as B. Self-administered abortion pills available in the UAE.

They turn to illegal drug dealers to buy abortion pills. They unaware of the risks involved in buying abortion pills online or from illegal sources.

Risks And Side Effects Of Buying Abortion Pills Without A Prescription

Because legal abortion is not an option for most unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. And continuing pregnancy is not a likely option. Women choose illegal and unsafe abortion methods that put their health and life at risk. In addition, if many women have been arrested in the past, they must be punished by law. Receive support and also face social stigma.

abortion pills available in uae

Health Risks And Side Effects Of Buying Abortion Pills Available In UAE, Online

Incomplete Miscarriage

Did you know that although you can buy abortion pills available in the UAE, abortions are unsuccessful?

If you weren’t aware, we encourage you to do your full research before choosing the abortion option that’s best for you.

Incomplete abortion and its difference from Successful abortion

A successful termination of pregnancy is the termination of a current pregnancy by the approved method of abortion, in which the fetus and all products of pregnancy are completely removed from the uterine cavity. After a successful abortion, the hormonal balance is restored in the following month and regular menstrual cycles can be expected.

With an incomplete abortion, part of the pregnancy product is not removed from the uterine cavity. They stay there and can range from heavy bleeding to persistent spotting, severe abdominal pain, infection, hormonal imbalances, nausea, bloating, indigestion, vomiting and constipation, headaches, and sometimes discomfort in the digestive system such as the uterus. It causes many problems for women.

Well, when you buy abortion pills available in UAE. You may not know the approved pills and end up buying other drugs for other purposes.

Unapproved drugs can cause excessive bleeding and pain from abdominal cramps, as well as a risk of incomplete miscarriage.

The incomplete abortion is then surgically corrected. This is also an option Dubai doesn’t have and presents another problem.

Recommended Abortion Drugs in Dubai and the Risks of an Incomplete Abortion:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed guidelines for successful abortion and access to comprehensive abortion care (CAC).

A drug-induced abortion using safe abortion drugs is called a medical abortion or medical abortion (MTP). The World Health Organisation recommends this method only for very early pregnancies, i.e. gestational age is within 6-8 weeks.

The recommended safe abortion drugs to induce an abortion at this time are mifepristone and misoprostol.

How do pills work

The first tablet, mifepristone, is given orally or vaginally. It stops the action of progesterone, a hormone necessary for foetal development during pregnancy. Growth stops when progesterone becomes unavailable to the developing foetus. Abortion pills available in UAE.

A second tablet of misoprostol is given by mouth or through vagina, a few hours later or the next day. The tablets then cause the uterus to contract like a menstrual period, with the contractions being accompanied by moderate to heavy bleeding and the foetus being expelled through the vagina.

This abortion method can cause heavy bleeding in some women, and abdominal pain can also range from moderate to severe and requires pain management.

Another problem with this abortion method is the risk of an incomplete abortion. Since the abortion pill is 95% to 98% effective, there is always a risk of incomplete miscarriage, leaving remnants of the fetus in the womb.

Also, it cannot be determined whether the abortion pill is 100% effective in women. You have to experience it. But Dubai still has safe, effective, legal and confidential abortions for women. Read on to learn more about this successful abortion option.

What are safe, legal and confidential abortion options?

Best of all, the UAE has legalized abortion in a variety of circumstances, including contraceptive failure, with progressive abortion laws as part of women’s reproductive rights, making Dubai safe for women. It is access to legal and confidential abortion opportunities.

Contraceptive failure is the most common reason for unwanted pregnancy in women.

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