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Optimizing Your Google Map Listing in 3 Steps

Optimizing your Google Maps listing is one of the easiest & effective. Ways to fast track your business to the first page of Google. as you used to let your fingers do the walking with Yellow Pages in the years B.G. (Before Google). Most people these days go to the ubiquitous search bar & type in their query AND their location.


If you’re going on a road trip holiday, you might search: Campervans Melbourne

If you need some medicine: Late night chemist Sunshine Coast When these terms are search. Google will list local business results first (above the organic results). In fact some SEO experts predict half of all traffic clicks Google maps results.

So what do you have to do?

, go to Google Maps and click put your business on Google Maps. You’ll have to login to your Google account (or set one up for free if you don’t have one). If you have many stores, you can add a different listing for each location. It is straight forward but here are three tips to help get you on the first page of Google!

Tip 1:

After your company name, add what you do & your location. This will help you appear for the best keywords phrases.


Ken’s Campervans – Motorhomes Melbourne

Western Insurance- Car Ergo Perth

Discount Dave’s – Late night Chemist Sunshine Coast

Tip 2:

Add custom categories to your listing that are relevant. To your business (and include your location). You can add up to five categories.

1. 24 hour chemist Brisbane

2. Late night chemist Brisbane

3. Chemist Brisbane

4. Pharmacy Brisbane

5. Drug Store Brisbane

Of course you can be more specific with. Your geographical targeting & use suburbs rather than cities.

Tip 3:

Add photos, videos & invite people to leave reviews. You will have a more compelling listing, if people can see a photo of your office or watch a video about your company.

Like many of Google’s products, this service is completely free & easy. Web Design Sunshine Coast: Adam Franklin is Managing Director of blue wire Media.

What Makes Fish Surfboards Rip?

Global Surfboard manufacturing companies work hard to identify and categorize. The models they make and one surfboard model of note is the 7S Super Fish Surfboard range.


Fish Surfboards have become a world phenomenon in popularity not only for accomplished. Surfers but also those who want to lift their level to a higher point, and when only a Fish will do that job.

The basic Fish model shape shows a happier characteristic. Feature over its counterpart, the modern day Thruster. This Happier shape if you will is what gives it the term Fish. And along with that shape is give a generous amount of flotation. And it is wider and also made thicker than a Thruster style surfboard.

This extra size has opened up a new world of surfing for the bigger surfer as well. When flotation then becomes a lesser problem and Fish boards can be set up as twins or quads can handle. A variety of wave size being bumpy or smooth, and in the hands of an expert. Even quick sucked waves.

One Fish surfboard is at the fore front of the Fish surfing world, and is is the model known as 7S Super Fish. And a model for the big blokes the 7S Super Fish XL.

This brand 7S is construct in regular polyurethane fiber glass. And also the acclaimed. Epoxy finished models that are super lightweight, and very durable,


The 7S secrets are that this style of board has the “step deck design”. Which gives this Fish design model and that also gives them a high buoyancy advantage. But this factor doesn’t interfere with the inbuilt high performance rail design. To add insult to injury it doesn’t stop there, when the bottom of the board features low. Entry rocker that flows into a full length concave, to help get the best out of full rail turns.

This 7s Super Fish board can help you make sections that you never have before; it is as smooth as it is fast.

The manufacture points to note is that they are glasse with 2 x 4 oz. deck and 1 x 4 oz. bottom with an extra 4oz patch around the fin area. The boards come in a silky smooth Gloss Polish finish in the models, or Gloss Painted finish. Epoxy models, and they all come standard with FCS M7 Quad Glass-flex Series fins.

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