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Talk To Strangers With Live Chat

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a new internet service for meeting new and old friends. With Omegle, the system randomly selects people you want to talk to. This will of course be a stranger. Chats are also anonymous, so no one knows who is talking to whom.

How does it work?

Omegle Once on the Omegle website, press the chat start button and ask if you would like to chat with a stranger. Almost immediately you will feel connected to a stranger. Now, whenever you want to chat with other people or stop chatting with a particular stranger, you can disconnect. The system will randomly connect two people for a private chat. This site uses two handles (stranger and you) to connect people. It is a very simple system and very easy to use regardless of your internet usage.

History and use

About 100 users were created at the start of this service. Well, in past reports (as of April) the number of people online in a given time amounted to around 3000. The report also shows that the website gets around 150,000 views per day. The system requires the use of specific aliases such as “you” or “stranger”. The site has a strangely crisp tagline, “Talk to a stranger,” and uses phrases like “The person you were talking to has disconnected” at the end of each chat. This unique and unusual phrase seems to make the site more famous.

The concept of anonymous chat is not the first chat created at Omegle. Comparisons were made until the early 1990s. It seems that there is a similarity with the website “A Nice Chat” created before Omegle. The difference is that “nice chat” uses nicknames that other people can see. Although users are only known on Omegle as “you” and “stranger”, it makes it clearer that conversations are anonymous.

Currently, there are no age limits or other restrictions for people who want to use the website. The site doesn’t seem to use filters to block bad words or spambots. There are no fees, commissions or communications regarding the use of the site. No registration required, no need to create an account. The site is free to use.

Who Uses Omegle?

All types of users use the site. Teenagers seem to be more, but it’s just a guess of users visiting the site. Several people reported visitors from all over the world and people of various ages.

Ometv is a website used to communicate anonymously and randomly over the Internet through chat rooms. Leif K-Brooks of Vermont is the person who created this site. K-Brook’s hope in creating this site was to provide an alternative way for people to connect anonymously, not threatened. He felt that way too many people met people was stagnant. K-Brooks believes that people are often looking for like-minded people who share the same goals and ideas. Mixing things up a bit allows people to meet other people who can think differently and have different perspectives on things. Diversity can make a big difference in everyone’s life.

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