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7 Most Common Laptop Problems 

Laptops have become our lifeline nowadays, we use laptops for everything-school work, college work email, etc…And one day suddenly the screen freezes and becomes unresponsive. You need to reboot the laptop until then you cannot do anything, it may happen due to viruses, overheating and many other reasons.

Here is the list of some of the problems related to laptops:

1. Hard drive failure

 The hard drive is the memory where data is stored temporarily until it’s moved elsewhere. It is basically very similar to RAM (Random Access Memory), except that it stores information instead of programs. The primary purpose of the hard drive is storing information and retrieve it at later times. In order to do this, it has to have enough space for temporary storage. If there isn’t enough room, then you get errors. These errors lead to the loss of information and you won’t be able to retrieve any files and learn more about common laptop problems

 2. Software problems

 Software problems refer to something wrong with a program. When this happens, it’s not just inconvenient, but sometimes it can even cause damage. Most software problems occur when someone improperly installs it, doesn’t update it, or uses outdated versions. Unfortunately, these mistakes can ruin your computer and make it unable to run anything properly.

 3. Hardware failure

 Hardware failures are often caused by physical damage to the system board. Sometimes they are unavoidable, but they can be prevented if you take care of things. You need to keep your hardware in good condition, including cleaning and protecting them from dirt, water, and corrosion.

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 4. Virus/malware infection

 Viruses are harmful pieces of code that can spread to computers without permission. Malware refers to malicious software that does something bad, like stealing your personal info or changing your homepage settings. Unlike viruses, malware doesn’t need your permission to infect your device and use its resources.

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 5. Power supply issues

 A power supply is what supplies electricity to your entire set-up. It converts electrical current coming from the wall socket into usable voltage inside your PC. There’s no way around it – any kind of power problem will mean the end of your day. There are three basic types of power supplies: AC adapters, DC converters, and USB ports. A lot of people tend to mix up these terms, but they’re all pretty simple.

 6. Computer overheating

 When the temperature gets too high, your CPU, motherboard, graphics card, and fans aren’t going to work correctly anymore. Not only that, but it’ll probably start to overheat and shut down eventually. Your computer will either restart or show some error messages. You should always try to keep your computer cooler than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

 7. Overheated components

 If the temperatures inside your computer become too hot, it can severely harm parts like processors, graphics cards, and motherboards. This can render your machine unusable, especially if the overheating lasts long enough. To stop this, you should open your case and allow air to flow freely throughout your entire setup. Make sure to clean out unnecessary dust and debris.

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