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The 10 Commandments to Get REAL Health & Wellness

1. You should be aware of the amount of you eat REAL Health and drink every day.

Health Too often people consume mindlessly. If you first learn about the things you need and then adding these items to your everyday diet then you can start to create an appropriate outline. Knowing the amount of food you require each day will allow you to budget your food intake in a healthier manner. In order to maintain a healthy weight you must know your calorie flip point that is the point at which you use up all the calories you consume. The flip occurs when you are burning more calories than what you consume. It is necessary to reach the flip point to lose weight. In reality, you have to turn over 500 calories a day to lose one kilogram each week.

2. Then include fruits and vegetables.

Diet is essential to maintaining REAL Health living. If you don’t include fruits and vegetables to be part of your meals, you’ll probably not eat them. They’re not available on shelves and usually not packaged. In today’s world of convenience it makes healthy foods more difficult to consume. Consume a variety of foods and different colors of food items, as every color has its own unique set of nutrients. Set a goal of eating at minimum 3 “colors” per day.

3. You should reduce your intake the amount of health food you consume, and, if it is feasible, avoid processed food items, containing additives and artificial ingredients.

It’s a challenging but essential element of any REAL Health plan. The more processed products consumed, the more difficult your path towards health and well-being will be. Make sure that the bulk of your daily diet comprised of natural or whole foods. They are those that haven’t been modified or processed. Examples include fresh or frozen fruits and eggs, vegetables as well as lean meats and other organic “non-boxed” foods.

4. Drink all day long with water.

An average of eight 8 ounce glasses of water per each day. Water is vital for our lives. In order for your body to function optimally, it is essential to keep hydrated. Like as oil can be to cars; water is into your body. To enable your body to function as it was intended, it is essential to drink daily.

5. You must move your body Health daily.

A daily, sustained exercise routine lasting minimum 20 minutes is suggested. To stay healthy, you must continue to move. Not just one type of movement, but several. The three major ones are: Cardiopulmonary- keeps your heart rate higher Strength Training- strengthens the muscles and strengthens the bones, and stretching/Range of Motion- helps keep your body flexible and in balance.

6. You’ll get a great night’s rest.

Sleep is essential to maintaining healthy living. In the evening, your body repairs its cellular function. If you don’t get enough rest, you’ll perform subpar. It is crucial to be able to relax your mind. Establish a bedtime routine and adhere to it. Let yourself enjoy the benefits of sleep.

7. You should strive to improve your self-esteem daily.

Making time to invest in yourself is a great way of creating harmony in mind body and soul. Make it a habit to learn new skills and ways to communicate with your creativity. Engaging in creative activities helps to improve your well-being. This helps to keep your mind in a state of alertness and boosts the quality of your spiritual and mental health. Try to find motivational and positive content to read or view frequently.

8. You must never be negative.

Negative thoughts are unfit for good well-being. The way you talk and think can directly impact your health and well-being. Discontent, gossiping, and feelings of inability can result in repeating the same. Train your brain to find the positive in everything. This mental shift can boost endorphins.

9. You should practice stress-relief every day.

Stress is a key risk factor in every form of illness. Finding ways to unwind and relax is crucial. Doing it daily is beneficial. As long as you do not learn to manage the stress that you face in your life, you will not be in a position to improve your overall wellbeing and overall health.

10. Participate in prevention and health screenings.

It isn’t bliss to be ignorant! Knowing nothing about the presence of a health issue, will not mean it will go away. Early detection and prevention is your best protection against life-threatening illnesses. It is essential to know your health numbers take advantage of your annual exams and visit your doctor regularly , as prescribed by your age and health. A ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure!

Speaker, Writer, Wellness Coach & Consultant

Lisa was the writer of “The Get R.E.A.L. Guide to Health and Fitness.” She is married and mother of three sons. Lisa Schilling is a Registered Nurse as well as an author and recovering pageant queen who shares optimism through her She takes a REAL approach to REAL Health and wellness. She assists caregivers, women and groups to realize their full potential by assisting people to recognize their beauty and uncover their true worth.

She is driven to share her knowledge and is willing to help people improve their wellbeing and health. Lisa utilizes her passion to help people appreciate and value their uniqueness. She helps people create the bridge that connects them from the place they are to where they would like to become.

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